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Our Services

  • High quality domestic and offshore tooling.

  • Up to 1200 Ton

  • Project managed by experts

  • Plastics engineering

  • Part design for manufacturing

  • Moldex analysis

  • Mold design review

  • Material selection

  • Scientific molding methodology

  • Machine processing

Offshore Mold

We have a British partner located in China with 30+ years of managing Chinese tool builds. He has developed decades long relationships with a few tool shops who have years of experience in export tooling, each having their own specialties. He will be your trusted resource on site in China to manage your tool build until satisfaction.

Domestic Mold

Our domestic tooling is manufactured locally right here in the Greater Milwaukee Area. From start to finish, your project will be managed entirely by Matt Sweeney, with engineering services provided.

  • Precision Tolerance Parts molded domestic and offshore.

  • Same day shipping to participating customers

  • Prototypes & production parts

  • Offshore molding & assembly

Offshore Injection
  • 55 ton to 1200 ton

  • Prototype and production parts

  • Low-high volume production

  • PVC molding capability

  • Assembly, overmolding, plating, painting

  • 2K injection molding

Domestic Injection
  • 55 ton to 250 ton

  • Up to 52 cubic inch barrel capacity

  • Prototype and production parts

  • Low-high volume production

  • Same day shipping to participating customers

3D Printing

Moldex Injection Molding Simulation

Mold Sampling

Reverse Engineering

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Additional Services


Who We Are

Matt Sweeney
President/Lead Engineer

Sol Plastics is an engineering-first injection molding and mold sourcing company. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers launch products from the design phase to production. We have many years of experience with every aspect of the plastics industry, especially plastics engineering, part design for manufacturing, mold design, material selection, scientific molding methodology, machine processing, quality control and lights out production.

We understand you may be limited by your engineering resources and need someone to push your project across the finish line. With our years of experience of doing just that, you can rest assured your project will be managed efficiently and effectively.


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